Emergency Medical Aid Services

According to the Regulations of the Emergency Medical Aid Services (EHS), all personnel employed in these services at the health centers in the Republic of Macedonia should successfully complete the modules for basic life support, advanced life support, trauma life support, operation with medical vehicle. 

For each successfully completed training, MSC issues certificates for which it is recommended to be kept in the files of the employees at the legal services of the health institutions (EHS) for the purpose of records during the control (revision) of the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate. The validity of these certificates is 3 years and they are renewed after this period. All certificates issued by MSC for all trainings, modules and workshops are accredited by the Doctors Chamber of Macedonia and carry a certain number of points that the medical staff and doctors can use to extend their work licenses.

As part of MSC, apart from the complete medical equipment that is available in the center, our institution also owns an ambulance-sanitary vehicle that is used in the simulations and scenarios that the educators of the MSC create and implement during the trainings and practical exercises.

In following, there are parts of several presentations that the EHS Services implement in practice in all the regional units of MSC throughout the Republic of Macedonia.