Cabinet for Pediatrics

This part of the engagement of MSC is primarily intended for the the residents and fellows (in subspecialities) at the Medical Faculties in Skopje, Shtip and Tetovo, which, according to the positive legal regulations from 2015 onwards, are part of the legally mandatory training and an integral part of the specialization regulations for fulfillment of one of the conditions for enrollment (before drawing of a committee composed by members of the Teaching and Scientific Boards at the medical faculties) and the right to register and take a specialist exam. 

The medical equipment used in this cabinet is the HALL GAUMARD children’s phantom simulator robot with WIFI connection and the ability to connect to multiple computers, laptops, tablets and other smart devices that use the Windows operating platform.

Key practical skills and abilities at the Cabinet for Pediatric that should be acquired by residents and fellows in the Medical Simulation Center: