About us

The Medical Simulation Center was established as an institution by the Ministry of Health, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius- Medical faculty from Skopje, University Goce Delcev- Medical faculty from Stip, State University of Tetovo and Doctors’ Chamber of Macedonia.

The Medical simulation center is situated in a completely new and fully equipped space offering education of medical students and residents, and health workers that can use the equipment for development of new techniques. The simulation as an approach for learning has long been an educational rule in the developed countries and highly ranked universities. It is an advanced training technique that allows to our doctors to be seriously prepared for the challenges they face every day.


In the simulation center we offer trainings to the staff of emergency medical assistance employees in emergency centers, in intensive care, gynecology, neonatology, as well as trainings to students studying medicine and trainees in medical schools. All who participate in the health system, especially in the field of emergency medicine or life worrying conditions in patients.


The Medical simulation center conducts training for acquiring practical skills. Trainings are conducted in workdays and during worktime of the MSC. There is examination after completion of every training for acquiring practical skills and for each successfully passed exam a certificate for training acquired practical skills is issued by the MSC.